WHY 605 ?

605 Sires is committed to providing the best there is to offer in donor and sire services. We continually strive to provide great customer service, honest dealings, and superior services in the industry. 605 has a track record of providing semen and donor services in an experienced manner. We pride ourselves in our continual effort to grow with the market and move the livestock industry forward.

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Our Team

605 Sires + Donors is located on the grasslands in the southeastern corner of South Dakota. Our state-of-the-art facility was built in 2017 from the ground up and can house 110 bulls and approximately 100 donors. While the scope of 605 has grown rapidly, our commitment to quality and service with a personal touch will always remain unchanged.

Cory Schrag


Melissa Schrag


Katie Mehlhaf

Office Manager

Cory Thomsen

Client Success Manager

Sammi Nikkel

Sexed Semen Lab Manager

Dakota Flint

General Herdsman

Preston Gall

Assistant Herdsman

Caitlyn Becker

Lab Assistant

Join Our Team

We’re always looking to add hard-working, dedicated individuals to our team. If you’re interested in working at 605 Sires + Donors, contact us at 605.925.7473 or fill out our application form and check for availability.